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 Universal Testing Machine >> plastic pipe load-carrying properties testing machine >> WDT-100 plastic pipe load-carrying properties testing machine
WDT-100 plastic pipe load-carrying properties testing machine
Universal Testing Machine
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Applications and Characteristic:
  This series of testing machine adopts microcomputer based control、digital processing、graphical interfaces and so on advanced technique, the key parts in the machine adopt imported product. The testing machine has the advantage of  compact structure、strong function、precise data processing、friendly interface、easy of operation、easy of operation and maintenance and so no. This series of testing machine is widely used for high-precision mechanical property test for metal material 、composite material、Polymer material and so on. Due to adopting microcomputer based control mode, the testing machine can display testing force value、displacement value、speed value、testing curve in-timely and globally, it can automatically store testing results, the testing results can be called out form database,  and redisplay testing procedure or do the operation curve zooming in and comparison.  Human-machine interface adopt Chinese language, easy to operating. This series of testing machine also possesses the function limit switches protection、overload protection and so on.

1. GB/T9647-2003 the rigidity measurement of thermoplastic plastics
2. GB/T5352-85 the testing method of fibre-reinforced thermosetting plastic parallelplate loading performance
3. GB/T10002.3-1996 pollution discharging waste pipe used rigid polyvinyl chloridePVC-Umaterial

main specifications:

maximum test force(kN)


class of accuracy


measuring range(FS)


testing machine resolution(N)


maximum compression space(mm)


beam speed relative error


displacement measuring error


pressure back length-width size(mm)


pressure back’s quickest vertical speed(mm/min)


motor power(kW)


external dimension(L×W×H)(mm)


net weight(kg)


working noise(dB)


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