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 Special type testing machine >> TMS-400 cement mortar anti-abrasion testing machine
TMS-400 cement mortar anti-abrasion testing machine
Special type testing machine
Product Readme
TMS-400 cement mortar anti-abrasion testing machine
☆.Applications and Characteristic:
  The equipment is mainly used for the abrasion test of cement glue sand, and concrete, stone, and other construction material. It can be initialized the testing revolution and automatic control digital display. The error of revolution is less than 1/4 revolution. It is equipped with dust collecting structure and automatic alarming system. And it is easy to change the load. With high precision, good quality and reliability, it is initially degeloped in the country.  It is the standard testing machine of national standard (testing method of cement glue sand abrasion test), and is the necessary instrument for detecting the abrasion of cement on road. Now, it is awarded the state patent product, with number 42538.
☆.main specifications:
(KN) load range
(KN) load division
maximum magnitude for relative error of indicating value
(r/min) horizontal dial turning speed
velocity ratio of main shaft to turntable
(mm) Eccentric distance of main shaft to turntable
(mm) maximum permissible error of verticality of main shaft to turntable
(mm) main bearing rise-fall travel
hardness of working component of lapping head
(dB) Noise pressure level
not more than 90
(mm) Applicable sample size(L×W×H)
(kW) motor power
 main motor 1.1 control motor 0.12
(mm) external dimension(L×W×H)
720×420×950 main machine
540×490×1100 electric control box
(kg) net weight
main machine 400 electric control box 50
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