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 Universal Testing Machine >> microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo Universal Testing Machine >> WAW-2000B microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo Universal Testing Machine
WAW-2000B microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo Universal Testing Machine
Universal Testing Machine
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Applications and Introduction:
   The machine can be used for tensile, compression, bend, shear, peeling, tearing, and circulation test of metal, non- metal material and components. It is in keeping with the testing method and standards of GB/T228-2010<metal’s tensile and compression test in room temperature> with oil cylinder located at bottom , test space adjusted by electricity, and two column structure, this machine adopts proportional servo to control automatic loading. The machine is with high precision and high-stability. This series adopts measurement and control unit with high precision sensor and import electronic components. using RS232 serial port or Too Netcom to communicate with the computer, the equipment has the function of displaying test data and curves dynamically, editing data, curve browsing and locally zooming in, stack contrast and so on. It can automatically calculate the data of the most strength, tensile strength, yield strength, non-proportional extension strength, elastic modulus, after elongation, and print complete test report.

1.Using high-precision amplifier and A/D converter of 24 bits high precision, the testing machine has effective code ±20000, so the measurement resolution can be one over two hundred thousand. If use high-precision load sensor which can ensure that the continuous measurement within the maximum test force of 0.4% ~ 100% will not step and the precision is also better than that of grade 1.
2.It adopts the servo valve group with high performance proportion as control actuators, so it has strong anti-pollution ability and can realize the trouble-free operation.
3.The testing machine realizes the displacement of closed loop control by PID control strategy, which can realize the function of constant speed loading, load keeping and constant speed unloading
4.The testing machine realizes the displacement of closed loop control by PID control strategy, which can realize the control function of constant displacement and displacement keeping.
5.Experimental standard can be conveniently added and deleted and the control procedure can be edited freely according to the test requirements.
6.The machine can display testing curve in-timely, can choose the curve coordinate freely. Three curves can be displayed in one page at the same time, and may zoom in locally.
7.The testing machine adopts standard database to store the testing result and provides with data interface.
8.The testing machine adopts open excel statement. Users can choose Built-in statements or Custom reports.

technical parameter:
1.Load measuring range:2%-100%FS,equal to 4 shifts, we can expand measuring range to 0.4%-100%FS according to customer's requirement, which is equal to 6shifts;
2.Load measuring precision:1rank. we can improve the measuring precision to 0.5 rank according to customer's requirement;
3.Deformation measuring range and precision:1%-100%FS,precision rank: 0.5 rank;
4.Displacement resolution:0.01mm;
5.the adjustable range of constant displacement:0.5-50mm/min;
6.deformation measurement: extensometer gauge length:25、50、100(mm)measuring range:2-25(mm);
7.the maximum permissible value for deformation measuring precision:±0.5%FS;
8.testing force constant speed control:(1-100%)FS/min control range:(2-100%)FS;
9.deformation constant speed control:(1-100%)FS/min control range:(2-100%)FS;
10.testing speed control precision:±2% set value.


main specifications:



maximum test forceKN)


maximum magnitude for relative error of indicating value


maximum tensile space(mm)


 maximum compression space(mm)


small round sample clamping diameter(mm)


big round sample clamping diameter(mm)


flat sample clamping thickness(mm)


maximum distance between curving test of roll(mm) 


sheared sample diameter(mm)


the distance between bilateral stanchion(mm)


motor power(kW)


net weight(kg)


external dimension


main body


control desk


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