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We inform you that  the labour contract between our company( Zhejiang Jinyuan Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.)and former Deputy General Manager Xu Weidong was teminated  by consent  in September, 2008. In the meantime, Jinhua Testing Machine sales Co.,Ltd, which Mr.Xu Weidong is in charge of, as well as the newly-founded Jinhua Jinshi Testing Machine Co.,Ltd., has nothing to do with our company(Zhejiang Jinyuan Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.) in terms of captial, techique or personnel. Zhejiang Jinyuan Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is the only legal holder of the trade marks---"Jinyuan" & " Jianfeng". Besises, Longyou Jinyuan Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is authorised to use them. For more information, please call us at 0579-82273236、82271079( Sales Hotline).
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